Furniture, Carpeting and Accessories Minneapolis, MN

Are you trying to break in to the trade show scene in Minneapolis, MN and Twin Cities area? Or looking to reinvigorate your existing display? Brede Exposition Services can help! With years of experience, our team of professionals provides furniture, carpeting and accessories to encourage those potential clients to stick around. If you create a comfortable space for people to relax and browse in even longer, you are more likely to create new clients.

We will create shelving or choose the best couches and desks for your space. We allow our clients to rent or purchase our products.

Rent or purchase plans available


Want your visitors to stick around?

Create a comfortable space to hold customers. The expert designers at Brede Exposition Services will create a welcoming atmosphere to win over any visitor.

You need an inviting atmosphere to bring in potential customers and keep them around to learn about your business or product. From soft sofas and chair to convenient tables and shelves, our team has the tools to make an exhibit space that will attract your customers and keep them there.

Modern furniture for a comfortable, clean look

  • Chairs
  • Couches
  • Desks
  • Bookcases
  • Literature Stands
  • End Tables

Attractive displays to keep you in order

An organized space is a calm and attractive space. Our team will help you choose shelves, desks, and tables to keep your marketing supplies in order and in clear view for visitors.

Call 612-378-6570 or visit 2211 Broadway St. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413-1782.

Brede Exposition Services - Furniture, Carpeting and Accessories
Brede Exposition Services - Furniture, Carpeting and Accessories