Pop-Up Displays Minneapolis, MN

The goal of any trade show is to promote your business. Sometimes you need more than just one booth or display in one section of the room. Brede Exposition Services understands that and offers pop-up displays allowing your message to be conveniently placed throughout the exhibit on table-tops and more. Our team will work with you to craft the best message and create stunning graphics to accompany it. Pop-up displays along with an exhibit complete with furniture and accessories are the most comprehensive package to attract clients. This displays a sense of professionalism and comfort for potential customers.

Rent or purchase plans available


Have a little extra something to say?

Don’t live with limited space. Work with Brede Exposition Services to get all you need to say out to your trade show visitors.

It can take a lot of imagery and verbiage to explain your business meaning and mission. Don’t delete any of it. Work with our professional promotion and design staff to create additional displays for those bonus points you’d like to express.

Foldable displays for easy transport

  • Free standing
  • Table-top
  • Custom design
  • Various colors, styles and sizes

Creative pieces to perk up your exhibit

Need a little extra punch to your exhibit? Our pop-up displays can be placed on tables or free stand on the ground in any place convenient for you. Our experienced team can suggest which pieces to use and where to display them for the best visibility possible.

Brede Exposition Services - Pop-up Display

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